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There is a growing need in today's orthopaedic community for a simple way to collect and manage outcomes information. Informed decisions regarding patient care, office efficiency, and quality of service all depend on acquiring and analyzing relevant data.

Unfortunately, outcomes collection has often been more trouble than it is worth. Few doctors have the time, resources and patience to deal with traditional paper based systems. Even with an outcomes assistant, managing and maintaining a large patient database can be quite a challenge. Furthermore, few tools have been built to allow the community surgeon to analyze and study their information once it has been collected.


OrthoSight was created to solve the problems that have previously made outcomes collection such a difficult task. Developed by a surgeon and his son, the ideas behind OrthoSight have been refined through implementation in an actual orthopaedic practice. By working on the software in this manner, it has evolved into a program that conforms to the requirements of the everyday orthopaedist.

Please take a moment to learn more about the ways in which OrthoSight can help your practice collect outcomes information. We trust that you will find our solution to be as simple and effective as we have strived to make it. Every surgeon should be able to collect outcomes data - without using a mountain of paper to do so.

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